Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is an essential part of any building to ensure safe, unobstructed means of escape at all times, and to make possible the location and satisfactory operation of fire alarm call points and fire fighting equipment at times of low visibility.

Emergency lighting also reduces the chance of panic arising from normal lighting failure in areas such as stairwells and lifts.

DWM Technical Solutions is able to offer a complete design, installation and after sales service for all types of emergency lighting – from simple self-contained emergency lighting units to large commercial central battery emergency lighting systems.

DWM guarantee that our design team will get the design right first time; having completed a full risk assessment of your premises, we will be able to directly identify the correct escape routes and emergency exits, and will install appropriate emergency lighting in accordance with current regulations.

Our designs are to BS 5266 standards and are therefore acceptable to the fire services and insurance companies.

We are also capable of maintaining your building’s existing emergency lighting system, ensuring it is kept in good working order. If a fire breaks out in your premises, a fully functioning emergency lighting system can facilitate a quick and safe exit, saving lives.

Your duty to comply with current legislation can be met by:
• Biannual or annual service compliant to BS 5266
• Engineers trained to service and maintain a variety of luminaries systems
• Emergency lighting functionality tests

Our highly skilled workforce will work efficiently with you in order to provide your business with the best possible service and ultimately, peace of mind.

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