Enhancing your space

Drama and Activity Studios have seen a recent surge in demand. Multi-purpose, exploratory spaces which can cater to the creative endeavours of Dance and Drama whilst also having flexibility to facilitate more formal, content creation work and formal viewing making best use of limited space. An innovative Drama & Activity Studio will showcase the very best in lighting, audio, and display, allowing users to fully explore the contemporary realm of IT and AV integration into the modern arts. Moving seamlessly from a video display of technique to an open, well lit area for students to perform that technique is a commonplace activity, which a well-designed Drama & Activity Studio can support.

Whilst the focus should always be on the performance and performers, technical innovations can support and enhance these whilst not detracting from them. A properly specified sound system, allowing crystal-clear audio will only help any performances, while also allowing ad-hoc use of the system to re-engage users and make any necessary announcements.

Lighting has the ability to adapt to any required ambience – whether that be stark and bright or muted and mellow. A well-designed lighting system can be controlled via a central desk or even via a tablet app, allowing never-before-experienced flexibility and mobility, for both normal lesson usage and small productions and peer reviews.

A display source, whether a projector, interactive screen or large display can massively enhance pre-performance discussions, lessons and seminars, and can also be used in performances themselves to bridge the gap between the physical and digital. They can be contained within secure enclosures for protection, or even hoist-mounted for greater flexibility.

It’s of vital importance that the space use-case is discussed and agreed, at which point multiple technologies can be explored ensuring they deliver the key pre-requisites and will enhance the space and usage of the space. Speak to one of our Design Consultants today to discuss your needs and how DWM can revitalise.

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Installation and Integration of 140 energy and carbon-emission monitoring meters Central London based bank.


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