Communal areas should act as the social centre point of any organisation. A chance for staff and visitors to relax in comfortably equipped premises, with amenities and facilities to enhance the space and foster an air of creativity and productivity. Well equipped, managed and fitted out Communal Areas are seen as valuable perks by employees, further cementing allegiance and workplace content.

Communal areas can consist of anything from canteen / café areas to mini break out pods and flexible huddle spaces, and whilst the space itself is important, the way technology is integrated into these areas and how easy it is to use is of equal importance.  As these areas are primarily for social and break time usage, a fine balance is needed to ensure there is an available platform for productivity which is present when needed and yet blends in with the communal area aesthetic and function when not.

Utilising digital signage effectively, making use of audio enhancements, designing the correct lighting, and furnishing the area creatively and sympathetically can all make the difference between a well-used communal area and one which is avoided.

Technological enhancements need not be front and centre of any communal area. Tastefully integrated, they can provide functionality and ease of use for a number of facilities.

Staff can be updated on company messages, news and events whilst taking a break. Employees can purchase refreshments via their cashless catering cards. Break out pods enable informal meetings in comfortable surroundings, engendering collaboration and conversation.

Being able to plan and design an area which not only enhances staff and employee comfort, but also induces productivity, collaboration and cohesiveness is something we have vast experience in.  Call one of our Consultants today to discuss how we can assist.

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Restaurant fit out of signage and information screens in new build motor sports cafe.

“Digital Signage and board pricing were key drivers specifically in installing an easily managed solution.” 



Technology consultation, installation and deployment for Central London office refurbishment.

Shepherd FM
Swissport - Aspire Lounge


IPCCTV hardware support and maintenance for VIP Airport lounge.


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