Hearing Loops & Hearing Assistance

Hearing Loops and Assistive Listening solutions are often an afterthought or box-ticking exercise. Whilst valuably providing access to facilities for those who experience hearing loss and use a hearing aid, over 50% of all installed hearing loops in the UK are not in working order.

It is important to remember that hearing loops are far from being merely strips of copper connected to an amp. A properly designed solution will account for spillage and maximum coverage over a specified area ensuring little to no bleed to negate an confidential conversations or presentations being heard.

Whilst hearing loops are still the main type of Assistive Listening solution installed, technology has infiltrated to bring enhancement and innovation. Wirelessly connected listening aids, with rechargeable battery packs and discrete, low-profile earpieces can enhance a visitors aural pleasure. Apps are also available which allow users to utilize their own devices and still tune in on any audio being broadcast, ensuring those who have experienced hearing loss are not excluded form any function or presentation.

Hearing loops and Assistive Listening solutions can be simple, but also simple to get wrong. Through lack of improper design, installation and maintenance when needed they often fail.


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