UPS & Electrical Services

Your Comms, Plant or Engineering room often houses the most essential and critical of your business’ core hardware: servers, switches, incoming broadband provision along with core BMS solutions Whatever the room is called in your organization, it is important to ensure the equipment within is secure, protected and supported in the event of a failure or electrical spike or surge. This is where UPS’s and our Electrical services in general can help make a difference to the protection and up-time of your business-critical equipment.

A well-designed UPS solution should offer high performance protection for your business and office network and building / business-critical hardware. Each design should accommodate for load demands to offer suitable extended battery backup power to ensure each customers critical services are kept operational in the event of power outages.

It is a misconception that UPS’s merely provide battery backup in the event of a power failure. They also condition and ‘cleanse’ the power being provided to your protected equipment by blocking surges and keeping power at a stable level in the event of a brown-out.

A forward thinking and robust UPS solution will need to ensure calculations are performed for the current and envisioned load, along with the required run time the Ups needs to support the equipment for in the event of a power outage – to ensure the equipment can gracefully shut down.

If the correct UPS is specified it can be monitored and controlled via a Network Interface Card, enabling remote monitoring and scheduled health checks to be performed from the comfort of your centrally located office, or anywhere with an internet enabled device.

Speak to one of our UPS Specialists today and find out how DWM can design and install the required redundancy and resiliency layer to protect your equipment.

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