Enhancing your space

Lecture Theatre and Auditoria should provide an innovative, clear, well-designed and engaging space for all visitors and audience members. The content being presented, whether a keynote, seminar, presentation or show should be enhanced by the space and technology contained within to enable better understanding and appreciation. All possible requirements should be catered for in a technologically rich yet user friendly environment, permitting multiple use-case scenarios and allowing true flexibility for the multi-use presentation space.

The presentation medium is one of the first considerations to make and is most-often dictated by the size of the space along with the maximum number of audience members – high lumen laser projectors, LED video walls or display-screen video walls are all possible solutions. However, the design of the space itself including seating, sound reinforcement and audibility, lighting and central control amongst others are oft-neglected yet equally vital components of a truly effective and functional Lecture Theatre / Auditorium.

Audibility, speaker design and setup are as key as the presentation medium and device, allowing for full understanding of a given topic. Often times a well-presented pictorial presentation is rendered useless when sound dispersion, intelligibility and adequate volume levels have not been factored into any initial designs but thought of more as an afterthought.

All the individual components of a successfully designed Lecture Theatre / Auditorium also need to be centrally managed, so as to provide a uniform control solution which is as easy for visiting presenters to use as it is for the on-site staff. The central management platform also provides the administration and remote management an in-house IT / AV team would need to ensure quick responses and pre-emptive checks before any vital event.

All Lecture Theatre and Auditoria require the ability to create and present engaging and meaningful presentations for truly interactive and effective presentations, allowing for crystal clear audio for accurate reproduction and understanding, high resolution and brightly lit presentation devices and ease of operation for any systems installed. DWM are able to provide whole-space design consultancy, installation and support services ensuring all vital Lecture Theatre components are successfully integrated with one another and able to exceed client deliverables. From isolated DMX Lighting design / install enquires to full scale AV & Control fit outs, we are best placed to factor in all eventualities and present and install innovative and future proof equipment to enhance your Lecture Theatre space.

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