Global multi-site Audio-Visual refresh for collaboration and interactivity across meeting and training spaces.

“More than just on this project, we were looking for a long-term partner

for Audio Visual, which we have achieved with DWM and look forward

to developing the relationship through the next series of projects


Altro Ltd


Altro Ltd needed to formalise an AV and ICT refresh strategy for the whole companies meeting / board rooms as well as several high profile / client facing areas. After successfully responding to the Tender set out by Altro, DWM were able to demo the multiple solution requirements which had been created.

Altro wanted to ensure all boardroom technology was uniform across multiple geographical sites, ensuring familiarity for staff wherever they were.

DWM was commissioned to fulfil a multi-site Audio Visual refresh across Altro’s key client and staff spaces this included meeting rooms, board rooms, reception areas, client areas etc. The solution needed to be easy to use for all levels of users and provide enhanced functionality enabling users to wirelessly connect to boardroom screens from any device (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows OS and Mac OSX) as well as enable screen sharing from any device.

The specification was split into three categories which covered high end boardrooms (customer facing), mid end boardrooms (high profile internal only) and basic user (mobile setup or for internal only).


DWM were able to design a solution which exactly matched Altro’s requirements at all levels. Centred around a VIVIDTouch Interactive Touchscreen with an inbuilt Windows 10 PC, the hardware allowed for the exact type of functionality required: mirroring various devices and operating systems, instant start up and multiple wired / wireless collaboration avenues using Microsoft Office Suite.

Audio was provided using a state of the art Bose sound system in the larger rooms, while smaller rooms were able to make use of the VIVIDTouch screens inbuilt 2 x 10W speakers providing crystal clear sound throughout.

Being provided with an inbuilt Windows 10 PC means Altro are able to take advantage of an all-in-one Video Conferencing solution by using Skype for Business. A use no longer needs to connect multiple wires, and change source on the screen in order to present content or start a video conference.

Multiple control actions were catered for by using the Kramer KTOUCH control system, allowing any IP, IR or RS232 linked device to be controllable via a tablet, ensuring presenters can be up and running with just the touch of a button.

The install of a uniform hardware quota across multiple geographical sites has ensured users of all levels have access to hardware which they can become familiar with and confident in using. Previously there had been an assortment of hardware which meant different communication protocols, different methods of set up and presentation etc.

By ensuring Altro had best of breed technology with fully comprehensive solutions, as opposed to just hardware installed, DWM were able to guide Altro through their AV strategy requirements ensuring a future proof and bespoke fit was had.