Enhancing your space

Collaboration has become a popular word to include in any technology or furniture rollout. What is often missing is the integration of the two along with an overall view of how and why collaborative spaces can enhance both teaching and learning. Not quite a classroom but more than a meeting room, collaborative spaces should engender a sense of enthusiasm, dynamism and creativity, all while providing the tools to share, disseminate and collaborate with others either locally or off-site.

Soft furnishings need to allow for the sympathetic integration of technology, whilst not negating comfort. Breakout pods for instance allow for small huddle groups to get away from the hustle and bustle of open plan spaces and classrooms and collaborate in a less formal and restrictive manner, whilst also providing layout flexibility.

Collaborative technology, whether that be interactive touchscreens, platform-agnostic content sharing and mirroring devices and utilization of cloud-based ecosystems allows for differing forms and enhancements of existing methods of digital learning.

Collaborative spaces should be able to support a range of activities, both online and offline, group or individual, local and remote. The spaces need to meet the changing requirements and adaptability required in all educational establishments.

As many higher-education establishments start supporting local business and entrepreneurial endeavours, the provision of suitable spaces which work in conjunction with Meeting and Seminar rooms becomes paramount and bridges the gap between learning and workplace environments.

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