Acoustic Solutions

From sound deadening to sound reinforcement, Acoustic Solutions are often overlooked in new or replacement AV installations.  The sound environment created in any room – from Boardrooms to classrooms, Lecture theatres to huddle spaces has a massive impact on memory, retention, cognitive performance and most importantly understanding.

With the ever-increasing usage of video telecommunication solutions (Microsoft Teams, Cisco, Zoom etc) and a general increase in the usage of audio solutions to enhance speech, it is more important than ever to ensure physical environmental influences are mitigated as much as possible to reduce echo and increase speech clarity.

Professionally enhanced boardrooms result in clearer and more intelligible speech, reduction in echo and an overall less strenuous experience for participants resulting in better understanding of the presentation.

Modern open-plan offices are hotbeds of noise pollutants. A well acoustically designed office often results in enhanced creativity and productivity driving engagement and profitability. Noise is the number one cause of dissatisfaction in offices, and DWM are able to assist with designing and installing an acoustic solution fit for purpose. Whether that is sound masking, sound deadening or a ground up redesign and installation of acoustically enhanced furniture, we will ensure we cover all bases and present the most appropriate solution.

Nearly every room can be improved with the introduction of a few simple pieces of acoustic treatment – be it a classroom, Hall, lecture theatre or huddle space, so contact us today to speak to someone in the Acoustic Solutions department and discuss your project requirements.


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