Enhancing your space

School Assembly & Sports Halls need to be flexible and practical yet deliver an ease of use and quality of output both aurally and visually to truly be effective. Multi-purpose spaces such as an Assembly Hall, which is often used as a dining hall or for large whole school productions and performances should embrace all use-cases in a logical and self-explanatory way to ensure all staff are able to use, but more importantly want to use the facilities presented.

Technology is constantly innovating and evolving, and the days of teachers projecting dim, low-resolution images with a small, inadequate sound solution whilst being rooted to a static location are long-gone. Teachers should be able to make use of the same high-resolution, ultra-bright and clear displays as is available in the classrooms. Sound solutions should be large enough to fill the space whilst enabling all students to hear with clarity – even those at the back of hall. Wireless mirroring technology should also be used to enable a freedom of movement, expression, and innovation during presentations which engage students on a much more meaningful level.

Due to the frequent use of Assembly / Sports Hall spaces for a multitude of usages, any equipment installed needs to be flexible, adaptable and easy to use. Key- deliverables need to be ascertained to ensure the right specification of equipment is presented; whether that be a new high-resolution projector to supersede an existing, or a new video wall for ultimate clarity and colour.

Audio systems should also be reviewed and matched with the visual presentation medium to ensure both technologies are complimentary yet able to perform independently, for instance using background music for the lunch period and displaying abstract visual with no sound.

Security and placement of any devices installed in an area which is also used for sports is of paramount importance, and a concern which can be mitigated with the appropriate use of protective cages, correctly specified components (vandal resistant and IP ratings) or innovative fixing / installation methods, whilst ensuring no compromise is made on actual use and viewing of the system.

There are other solutions which can truly enhance the delivery of any Audio Visual solution in a Sports or Assembly Hall, but are often overlooked. Lighting solutions can range from simple ceiling -mount remote strobes to DMX controlled lighting rigs, but all will enhance the core AV solution and ensure the need to create discrete ambiences is fully catered for, whether that be whole-school presentations, Drama activities, ad-hoc group session or specialist film nights.

Ultimately, your Audio Visual solution needs to ensure the message you are conveying, whether that be an assembly, a film night, announcements over lunch hour or background visual on a parents evening can be delivered in a fuss free, easy to use and appropriate way.

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