Network Security

Your network is key to your business. Transferal of data, access to files, provision of VOIP and forum of communication; it is key to the operation and management of your organization. It needs to be protected at all costs, both internally and externally.

We provide both design consultancy and provision of Network Security solutions: prevention of unauthorized external access, internal misuse, modification or denial of computer services. The ultimate aim is to protect the integrity and usability of your data and network.

Combining multiple layers of defence on both endpoint and peripheral hardware as well as on the network itself, policies, procedures, and checks are automatically carried out to ensure your network integrity is not compromised.

Being able to manage the migrating shift in hardware technology usage is paramount with more and more business’s adopting a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. Access to a company network from personal devices is becoming more of a pre-requisite which intensifies the need for robust and substantial Network Security applications.

With the frequency at which non-company devices are being allowed onto corporate and guest networks, the need to protect from malware and malicious software become more apparent. Coupled with a robust Mobile Device Security application we are able to ensure external threats are cut off at source do not threaten the moan network or data.

Call one of our Specialist to discuss how we are able to plan, prepare and implement a Network Security strategy and ensure your Data and Network are kept safe and secure.


Wyboston Lakes – Y-Spa

“It was a great step for us in both management and being able to offer our different services within the leisure industry.”



“We now have a future proof infrastructure platform which is able to provide accessibility for any new technologies.”

Lady Margaret School


“DWM’s bespoke solution ensured we installed cutting edge kit with a highly design-led aesthetic.”


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