Enhancing your space

A Conference Room and area should provide an inviting, inspirational and adaptable space that will provide the optimum platform to enhance any client’s seminar, exhibition or conference deliverables.

The space should be able to embrace any client’s technology demands in a simple and manageable manner to ensure any and all prospective clients can explore and deliver their event in the most reliable and technology rich environment.

Conference and meeting areas provide outstanding revenue streams. They also provide a marketing opportunity and means to reach a wider potential clientele. The correct investment in any conferencing facility will optimise initial hire and safeguard repeat business maximising return on investment.

From commercial presentations to hired-for-broadcast events, having flexible solutions to provide maximum versatility of spaces is essential: multi-use spaces allow for the most adaptability to event style and purpose. Ease of use is also an important consideration, ensuring even inexperienced users can still achieve a professional presentation experience due to intuitive controls and functionality.

Allowing for scalability and growth of any conference solution is paramount. Event overflow areas can be fitted with a networked digital signage / IPTV solution to ensure presentations can still be viewed by those not in the room. Adopting an enterprise WI-Fi solution ensures mass, simultaneously connection of devices is painless and trouble free – massively important in todays age of always-on, Internet-reliant usage.

Incorporating all forms of room and device control onto one easy to use, consolidated platform reduces complexity and allows for the easy action of different scenario pre-sets – for instance a Live Event preset could lower blinds, control stage and house lighting independently and control AV equipment to broadcast and record performances.

All conference areas need the ability to create engaging and meaningful presentations for truly interactive events; allowing for crystal clear audio for accurate reproduction and understanding, high resolution and brightly lit presentation devices, high bandwidth robust internet connectivity and ease of operation for any systems installed.

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Installation and Integration of 140 energy and carbon-emission monitoring meters Central London based bank.


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