Enhancing your space

Commercial Areas, or Back-of-House are areas which are highly important to your business, yet sight-unseen by visitors and clientele. They provide the key and core components of your service offering, whether that is a restaurant kitchen, a suite of Hotel Management offices or the broadcast room of a stadium. As with all sectors and verticals, technology has infiltrated and is offering massive benefits to processes, efficiency and innovation.

Automation, a buzz word in all walks of life from the commercial to consumer, has an important role to play in the hospitality and leisure industry. From the booking, ordering and processing for restaurants, to the capture of footage via a Door Access Control solution for Office suites, removing manual, conscious processes expedites efficiency and vastly reduces labour overheads.

Kitchen Display Systems, able to show real time menu orders, amendments to orders and priority to expedite are reducing erroneous orders and increasing clarity if data. The linking of EPOS systems to back of house systems links the triumvirate of customer / server /cook increasing efficiency and reducing waiting time, further increasing profits.

With an ever-increasing reliance on robust network infrastructure, whether wired or wireless, as much thought needs to be given to access for commercial areas as it does for guest and visitor access. The Internet of Things (IoT) has rapidly increased dependence on the internet and integration of various solutions to form a combined platform.

Staff only areas are perfect for company specific digital signage solutions, ensuring only staff are shown employee specific content such as news, events, information and initiatives. This can be twined with PA solutions to ensure regardless of location staff can be called to action easily and effectively. Workstations have also become popular in staff only areas, ensuring emails can be checked on breaks, maximising productivity for your staff.

From Security, to information dissemination, contact one of our Consultants to discuss how your commercial areas can benefit from the intelligent integration of technology.

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