Digital Signage & IPTV

Digital Signage is key to any organization with a message to share. Of course, any message worth broadcasting needs to be professionally presented, and this is where Digital Signage comes into its own. Essentially an interlinked network which is able to push identical or bespoke content to multiple screens or forms of display, it can be easily managed centrally, meaning multiple physical sites can be administered and operated easily and effectively.

At DWM we address the complete Digital Signage solution; as important as the display hardware is ( LCD’s, LFD’s, Interactive screens, projectors etc) we place equal importance on the content, method of management and the supporting infrastructure. Content is key with any form of Digital Signage and DWM work with select partners to be able to design and create innovative and engaging content with expert knowledge on the technical aspects of the chosen Digital Signage solution and presentation hardware.

IPTV, a method of distributing TV content over an IP network, can be used side-by-side with Digital Signage, or can even be a form of Digital Signage itself. Having expert knowledge and experience in Network Infrastructure, Audio Visual and IP Network management ensures DWM are best placed to offer consultancy, design, installation and support on Digital Signage and IPTV solutions.

From single screen installs to multi-location, multi- domain projects, contact DWM to speak to one of our Digital Signage and IPTV Specialist today.

Altro Ltd


Global multi-site Audio-Visual refresh for collaboration and interactivity across meeting and training spaces.

“DWM’s expertise and professionalism have helped us reach the next stage of our AV evolution.”



Design consultancy and installation of core networking equipment for US Army contractor and innovative hybrid vehicle manufacturer / designer.


Installation and Integration of 140 energy and carbon-emission monitoring meters Central London based bank.


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