Enhancing your space

School reception / lobby areas are the first point of call for any visitors, staff, parents and students. They should be able to instantly depict the school’s personality, identity and ethos on all who pass through. Reception areas should provide a warm welcome, visually communicate the schools character, create an uplifting and stimulating space and provide functional yet aesthetically pleasing furniture. Technology integrations can form a supporting or central role, very much echoing the schools holistic view to technology whilst simultaneously providing enhanced functionality and efficiency.

The front of house positioning presents an unmissable opportunity to provide visitors and students alike with a snapshot of the quality and philosophy of the establishment. Signage, both static and digital should be included in any reception design to enhance information display and dissemination as well as create a memorable and engaging display for visitors to view whilst in the waiting area.

Soft furnishings need to provide the comfortable seating visitors expect whilst waiting and if specified correctly can add much needed splashes of colour which echo the school’s colourway as well as providing a point of difference to other dull and utilitarian School reception areas.

As receptions are high-volume traffic areas, functionality needs to play a key part in any design, ensuring the administration hub can function as it needs whilst still imbuing the area with innovation, ease of use and practicality.

Speak to one of our design team who will gladly discuss innovative, practical and achievable design elements and help make your Reception / Lobby area stand out from the rest.

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