Projection is a widely used technology which combines optimum viewing area with cost effectiveness. As a technology, Projection has evolved from Overhead Projectors (OHP’s) using acrylic overlays to the solid-state-light (SSL) source or Laser projectors which are available today.

Most often projectors are used to provide large images for audiences where ambient light is at a minimum, for example lecture halls and theatres. Projectors are as versatile as they are easy to maintain. Lamp-free technology has massively reduced labour and downtime overheads historically attributed to projection, meaning a new projection solution more often than not actually provides a ROI over an existing lamp-based projection solution.  Also suitable for learning spaces or a boardroom, projectors provide a cost-effective method of presenting to large groups.

Projectors come in all types of sizes, with multiple acronyms crowning model names (DLP, LCD, Laser, SSL, LCoS etc). Specifying the correct projector by taking account of throw, lumens, lens and mounting environment will ensure the optimum projected image size, clarity and lux levels are achieved. Contact our Projection and Display Specialists today to discuss your project requirements.


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