Enhancing your space

Ease of parking, security of vehicles whilst unattended and general accessibility and features are high on the list of priorities for customers looking to park at car parks. In the transport market, these attributes can often be the difference between someone choosing to use your facilities (Airport, Train Station etc) or another competitor. Although often seen as merely a mundane space to place vehicles, Smart car parks are already here and changing the way people view and use car parks.

Imagine being able to check on an app the availability of parking spaces at a given car park. Once inside, bays are patently highlighted as to their vacancy, meaning no more endless driving around searching – thinking a space is free only to find it contains a Smart Car. Leaving the car park is easier, as wireless communication, NFC and Bluetooth can contribute to automatically making a payment as you leave – no more lost tickets or rushing to get out of the car park before your allotted time is out.

Whilst your car is unattended, state-of-the-art IPCCTV solutions intelligently and automatically assess the whole space, proactively alerting security to any unusual movements. If an offence has occurred, linked security solutions can provide a linear tracking schedule of the perpetrator’s movements ensuring an easy apprehension for police or the security team.

ANPR cameras and automated barriers can reduce staff overheads by automating frequent, repetitive manual processes. Full body work scans of cars be can be automated on arrival, massively reducing any damage claims and ensuring optimum protection of property.

Depending on the car parks associated business – be it logistics or travel – large and prominent digital displays can illustrate arrival and departure times of any onward travel vehicles, further putting peoples mind at ease and allowing targeted advertisements to be displayed for content consumption.

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Long Stay Car Park

“Developing a high quality 24 hour security system at a major UK airport has been of huge importance in terms of security and safety. DWM have excelled in a system here that provides just that.”



“London Luton Airport now has one of the most up to date and technically advanced security solutions available.”


“A great exanple of team work and credit to DWM!.”


We are proud of the business relationships we have developed, and feel that it is our comprehensive and friendly service that has ensured that our customers have stayed loyal to us, and we thank them for their continued support.