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The Food and Beverage industry is constantly evolving in line with other sectors where technology plays a huge part in its development and running. With myriad opportunities to embrace and present technology to your customers whilst also gaining improved processes and efficiency, it is important to realise and understand the benefits the early and correct adoption of technology brings.

From video distribution solutions to zoned music, most new and emerging technologies utilise a network infrastructure which needs to be robust, stable and give class leading performance.  The importance of network infrastructure has become even more apparent with the widespread proliferation and expectation of free-access wireless networks in restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs. The implementation of public access wireless points has enabled establishments to capitalise on data gathering analytics, especially when used in conjunction with Bluetooth beacons (often incorporated into WAPS) which informs and refines business strategies to enhance profits and the user experience of the venue.

Visitor experiences can be enhanced by efficient installation of environmental influencers, for example zoned audio, integrated mood lighting and automatically changing displays / menus. These technologies can also be adopted for the purpose of energy conservation, one of the zeitgeists of the 21st century, further enhancing your brands adherence to eco-friendly and green credentials.

Digitisation of commonplace actions and process’ has led to more access to valuable data. This data in turn allows for more refined and direct approaches to marketing and usage. Any technology which improves processes and enhances a customer’s experience is worth looking into and adopting strategically, whether that be a new enterprise-grade wireless solution, a newly installed and configured PoE lighting solution or digital menu board.

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