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With many schools adopting a cloud ecosystem, for instance Office 365 or G-Suite, you can be forgiven for thinking physical servers and rooms to house them are a thing of the past. Whilst there is a current trend to store more and more data on the cloud, the Server Room is still an important and vital part of your Schools site. It will generally house the core switching which distributes network connectivity, it will house the main incoming service provision for broadband access and will also usually contain your core VOIP connectivity hardware.

The environment itself it often neglected, but this shouldn’t be the case as a properly maintained and controlled environment can extend the lifespan of your core equipment along with reducing component failure and replacement. Air Conditioning properly specified to counter the calculated heat output for all equipment within the Server Room is a necessity and can provide a ROI by adhering to recommend operating temperatures of core equipment.

Servers themselves are still often needed despite cloud migration: DAC (Door Access Control), IPCCTV and VOIP can all sit on a sever which provides a hybrid server architecture enabling the flexibility of the cloud with the immediate access and resilient local storage option.

Access to any Server Room should also be monitored and controlled, ideally via a scalable and campus wide DAC solution to ensure clear visibility and recording of all access / egress. Coupled with an intelligent IPCCTV platform, you can rest assured pupils, equipment and core school-critical equipment is protected and proactively maintained.

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