Installation and Integration of 140 energy and carbon-emission monitoring meters Central London based bank.

Monitoring carbon emissions and reducing them is of paramount importance”


To reduce carbon emissions, by providing comprehensive metering solutions and in depth reporting software enabling efficient monitoring. Monitoring carbon emissions is one of the first steps in realising a more carbon neutral site. A state of the art carbon monitoring solution would enable the client to identify which areas are responsible for the higher carbon emissions and in turn which areas need attention and investment in order to meet and exceed suggested carbon emission figures.

Standard Chartered


With the government setting incentives to gain Carbon credits rather than paying more tax, companies are investigating more thoroughly in the upgrade of building elements to feature the meters. At the end of 2013, Standard Charter commissioned Shepherd FM to be the main contractor for an energy saving project at their Head Office in London.

Socomec were then appointed to supply the Metering directly (instrumentation, software packages, services)  and DWM Technical Solutions were selected to carry out the installation and programming. Working closely with Socomec, approximately 140 meters have been installed across the London site, all of which report to a central hub. Using the Data Network, reports can be downloaded as and when required by the client.

With the precise measurement and centralised monitoring that the system Socomec provides, Standard Charter can assess their consumption of water, gas and electricity etc. By taking Meter readings regularly from the offset, it will give a clear insight as to how energy efficient the company is, help to minimize energy bills, while improving and reserving energy overall. Until such a network is in place, it is impossible to understand and make savings. With their fully featured and detailed readings Standard Chartered are able to pinpoint areas of excessive energy loss, and react accordingly by implementing cost saving and carbon reducing measures.