Support & Maintenance

Your security solutions, whether it be IP CCTV or Door Access Control systems, protect your valuable assets. They need to be managed, maintained and supported. Proactive maintenance is vital to both the longevity and performance of your systems, as well as both periodic and constant monitoring of the systems health.

We offer tailorable and bespoke Support and Maintenance packages for clients who understand the importance of not only having Security Solutions on-site but supporting and maintaining those solutions. Our Security Support services can include annual maintenance checks, lens cleaning (high-level and non-easy access), firmware and software updates and re-alignment. We are also able to provide expedited / next day replacement parts and labour via an Advanced Resource Platform.

Our IT Infrastructure roots allow us to be able to manage and maintain ‘soft’ (software, network configuration, port configuration etc) solution elements in addition to the ‘hard’ (cameras, NFC readers, electronic locks etc) equipment ensuring continuous trouble free performance across all solutions.

We are brand agnostic and have experience across a multitude of manufacturers and models, utilizing our 20+ years’ experience within the Security sector to ensure we can support Security solutions of all sizes, makes and functions.

Having a state of the art security solution with no support could mean that valuable capital purchase soon becomes worthless. Ensure you assets are protected, supported and actively maintained by contacting us to discuss your solutions.


Long Stay Car Park

“Developing a high quality 24 hour security system at a major UK airport has been of huge importance in terms of security and safety. DWM have excelled in a system here that provides just that.”



“A great example of team work and credit to DWM!.”


“They now have an efficient solution which is the perfect fit for their requirements”


We are proud of the business relationships we have developed, and feel that it is our comprehensive and friendly service that has ensured that our customers have stayed loyal to us, and we thank them for their continued support.