Training, Meeting and Board rooms should allow for the ultimate facility in order to learn, present and discuss. They should provide a flexible, adaptable and platform-agnostic space to ensure any presenter or participant can share media & data, whilst at the same time being as easy to use as possible – ensuring more focus can be given to the media on display instead of how to control and present that media. Automated controls with integrated room control elements simplify use and provide an innovative yet user-approachable interface, providing ease of use to seasoned users and guest presenters alike.

Training, Meeting and Board Rooms are often overlooked in terms of the integration of technology. Whilst they may have technology incorporated in them, this integration is often not properly thought out, inadequate in scope of provision, or not handed over fully to end users, resulting in lack of use and a reduction in trust of said technology.

The benefits to end users of having a well-appointed, professionally sourced and designed technology solution incorporated within cannot be underestimated. This is why it is so important to have an agreed and formulated AV deployment roadmap, to ensure no room is left unadorned, and therefore un-used.

Board Rooms could contain anything from a simple display screen, to an automated wireless display solution; what is important is not so much the technology within, but how it is used and how it has been designed and presented. Ultimately, the end goals for any Board Room installation would the streamlining of connectivity, ensuring clarity of presentation (both video and audio) and provide an agnostic interface for multiple device connection – this is easily achieved and when implemented can make a real positive impact on the efficacy of presentations.

Training Rooms need to be able to support and enhance their purpose. This can be hugely supported by technology; to aid and enhance the training and learning in the room. Collaboration with the Trainer to the participants, sharing of presentations, notes and annotations all make the experience more productive. The integration of various standalone and IP technologies ensure presentations are fluid, smooth and accessible to participants.

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