Network Switching

Your internal network switching defines the internal speed at which data can travel. Whilst your inbound internet provision limits the theoretical maximum speed you can both download and upload data, an internal network needs to be configured to realise those theoretical maximums and ensure your network switching is not the bottleneck in your network infrastructure.

A well-designed and resilient switching architecture can do much more than juts pass data through; it can offer resiliency and redundancy and ensures easier management of the devices themselves. A good design should also be cognizant of where your business is headed – expandability and scalability are paramount concepts which need to need to be addressed to ensure your chosen switching solution has the potential to meet and exceed any future business growth.

As more and more businesses adopt and migrate to IP solutions from standalone analogue or digital platforms, the need to ensure key services are provisioned correctly and remain a priority service is something which intelligent, managed switches can facilitate. For instance, a VOIP installation will require QOS (Quality of Service) which controls and manages network resources by setting priorities for specific types of data on the network.

DWM offer a full design and build service based offering, allowing you to be confident in our internal technical expertise in design and planning, and our on-site installation services conducted by fully-accredited field based engineers.

From a stacked 10-gigabit enabled switch design to a phased campus-wide switch refresh, call one of our Consultants today to discuss your switching needs and requirements, and how DWM are best placed to assist you and your business.

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