Audio Visual, or AV, is an all-encompassing term for technology and solutions possessing sound and / or visual components. Whilst the AV market is expanding rapidly in its solution and product offerings, it remains ever-more important to rely on a consultation and installation partner who is able to wade through the mire of countless offerings to ensure only best-of-breed and proven reliable components are specified to combine to form a fully turnkey, cohesive and strategic solution.

From Digital Signage displays connected via an AV-over-IP network, to a long-throw high lumen projector, to the latest in interactive screens, we are dedicated to researching, testing and managing all elements of your AV solutions. Most importantly, any specified solution will come after expert consultation with our experienced Consultants ensuring a bespoke and fit-for-purpose solution is only ever offered.

With AV penetrating all verticals and being relied on and expected, in countless configurations and rooms, the need to harmonize integration, communication and management of all AV devices becomes a re high-priority requirement. Utilizing our years of IP and Infrastructure experience we are best placed to make use of the rapidly expanding AV-over-IP market which gives clients massive benefits in terms of scalability of deployment and remote management. Imagine being able to book a meeting room via your email calendar and have the room setup and ready to go without having to lift a finger. This is easily doable and with DWM’s proven track record of creating innovative and robust solutions only a call away. Contact us today to find how we can help with your AV requirements.

Altro Ltd


Global multi-site Audio-Visual refresh for collaboration and interactivity across meeting and training spaces.

“DWM’s expertise and professionalism have helped us reach the next stage of our AV evolution.”



Design consultancy and installation of core networking equipment for US Army contractor and innovative hybrid vehicle manufacturer / designer.


Installation and Integration of 140 energy and carbon-emission monitoring meters Central London based bank.


We are proud of the business relationships we have developed, and feel that it is our comprehensive and friendly service that has ensured that our customers have stayed loyal to us, and we thank them for their continued support.