Site and Building Controls seek to control Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC), lighting and often times Security and Fire systems on a unified and simple to use single platform.

Modern solutions utilise existing IP and Network Infrastructure to link hardware, software, and networking via serial and IP connections. This provides a common user interface for a uniform control platform, allowing informed and proactive decision making.

Providing a single user interface for all integrated systems allows unified alarm / alert management, consolidated data analytics and more cost-effective operation in terms of user training.

Smart Metering allows for oversight of energy usage: allowing you to reduce energy consumption in key areas and be proactive and strategic in where energy saving initiatives are implemented. IP lighting can utilise existing wired network infrastructure, can be manged centrally and integrated with an existing BMS, and deployed in a high energy-usage department, for instance.

Incorporating security solutions within a unified building control platform gives you even more flexibility and scalability. Autonomous actions can be recorded for future reference, and twinned with event actions for greater clarity: for instance the opening of a door could automatically activate a snapshot of that door. These could be twinned with other BMS sensors, i.e. PIR / temperature sensors to ensure HVAC systems are responding to the amount of bodies in a meeting room, referenced with the visual count from the IPCCTV solution.

Automation and integration are fast becoming buzzwords in building control, but both elements need to be addressed in order for any given site and building control solution to be successful. If you’re looking for a Smart Building which will enhance operability and management of building services as well as allowing you to monitor energy usage, contact one of our Consultants today to discuss how best to integrate and install a cutting edge site and building control solution.

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