Your Server Room and Data Centres, whether locally sited and internally accessed or remotely situated and co-tenanted needs to be robust, resilient and dependable. Data which forms the lifeline of your business- whether that be client details, quotes or reports needs to be reliably accessed and shared by employees. Therefore, the environment in which that data is stored is of paramount importance.

The location should be secure from unauthorised access, whilst also allowing permitted personnel unfettered ingress/ egress as required and on an ad hoc basis in the event of a critical event.  A robust and scalable Door Access Control (DAC) solution would need to be implemented to ensure this can be facilitated along with branching out to allow one-platform overview and management.

Environmental conditions are critical to the lifespan of the equipment housed within a Server Room, along with the maintenance of performance. The area needs to be cooled to the required temperature, as well as any external air filtered to provide a dust and particle free environment to ensure best possible environment for all equipment housed within your Server Room. A properly built and structured Server Room should be able to offer this – along with having properly specified enclosures and racks to support the required cooling capabilities, for instance up to 30KW.

Electrical provision is also a key element of a successfully designed Server Room / Data Centre which is often overlooked, yet which can add much needed resiliency and accessibility to a location in which business-critical work takes place. With a sudden shutdown of a Server Room / Data Centre often costing excess of thousands of pounds per minute in lost revenue and productivity, redundancy and resiliency needs to be built in wherever possible. For electrical provisions this would mean the specification and installation of a suitable UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) to provide immediate failover power in the event of a power cut and graceful shutdown of any at-risk data storage devices to negate data loss.

The monitoring of all systems: HVAC, DAC, CCTV and Power state can and should all be done via remote instant update portals, ideally combining all elements which need to be monitored for ease-of-use. This will allow for the quickest notification to reach key stakeholders as well allow for real-time metrics and data to make expansion or refresh decisions on.

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