Shopping Centres and Retail Parks are synonymous with everyday urban life and are fast becoming commonplace near every major town and city. Far from merely housing retail units and shops, they have transformed to become destinations in their own right, who need to offer more than merely shops, but attractions and incentives to draw and retain customers and visitors alike.

Stark, bare lighting and static signage have been replaced with huge video walls displaying curated, welcome content and inviting, warm and complimentary lighting. Bare corridors and walkways are replaced with interactive mirrors and walls, providing engagement and immersion with every step.

Large scale LED Video walls enable engaging content to be seen by all and provide a focal point for visitors. Interactive totem screens and wayfinding units allow visitors to be guided to their destination, as well as providing digital real estate for information dissemination and advertising.

The safety of all visitors is of paramount importance, and IPCCTV solutions supplemented with enhanced analytics capability and artificial intelligence means not only is your shopping centre an immersive, innovative space to visit but it is also safe.

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Wyboston Lakes – Y-Spa

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