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ICT & Creative Suites should be considered the technological and creative hub within any learning environment. They should present any user with state-of the-art, innovative and user-friendly technology which enhances and aids productivity, creativity, collaboration and sharing.  Far from the stark, utilitarian, formal and poorly-lit suites of the past, modern-day interpretations should encourage and enthuse learning in all its myriad guises; whether that be with easily accessible wirelessly charging tablet stores for group collaborative work or with multi-purpose adaptive benching to support formal content creation and free-expression.

ICT & Creative Suites should always be designed around the expected use case scenarios. Technology should then be included to enhance and support the learning taking place within, which would be advised following a consultancy process. DWM are best placed to provide whole, holistic and forward-thinking solutions for ICT & Creative suites which would include furniture, fixtures, technology, and the oft-neglected training, maintenance and support.

Presentation mediums, whether large format interactive screens, video walls or floor projectors need to be specified to provide enough clarity and real estate for the expected number of viewers. Twinned with wireless screen and content sharing devices, students have the ability to create work on digital devices and present to the group instantly, innovating peer review.

Whilst the core of any Digital creative space will be the technology itself; fixtures, fittings, fabrics and furniture play a vital role in both the successful usage of such spaces but also provide both physical and psychological enhancements to the learning taking place. A discipline agnostic space will allow for the enhanced use of commonplace teaching and learning technology such as programmable robots, 3D printers and green screens whilst allowing for newer technologies such as Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and media-based subjects to properly flourish.

DWM can provide whole suite designs which take into account practical, cost-effective applications of technology and environment with the enhancement and innovation of learning always at the fore, whilst also being able to provide individual elements of ICT & Creative Suites to better enhance an existing space. Contact one of our Design Consultants to discuss how we can make a difference to your ICT or Creative spaces.

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Global multi-site Audio-Visual refresh for collaboration and interactivity across meeting and training spaces.

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Design consultancy and installation of core networking equipment for US Army contractor and innovative hybrid vehicle manufacturer / designer.


Installation and Integration of 140 energy and carbon-emission monitoring meters Central London based bank.


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