Customer Experience Centres (CEC’s) are locations where a design and collaboration led environment is presented to potential customers to allow them to be introduced to and experience the brand and products in an innovative manner.

They should, as their name implies, be a positive, memorable experience for visitors; whether that is via the centre design, the technology incorporated, the collaboration experienced or hopefully, a mix of all three: the end goal is always to provide something unique, personal and memorable.

CEC’s are changing traditional customer engagement models, using technology to increase engagement, support the brand’s story and provide innovation to impress.

Being a nexus of game changing technology, all designs and solutions need to be fully thought out and incorporated into the centre design to promote and present the desired aesthetic. CEC’s are often designed to take the client on a physical journey; through the use of passages, partitions, digital signage and audio reinforcements, the client is able to experience both cerebrally and physically the intended journey.

Customised, visualised CEC’s are most effective when technology is able to support the intended message, and not detract too much from the whole experience. We have vast experience in designing, creating, design-consulting and installing various elements of CEC’s, from full wall curved video walls, to bespoke digital signage solutions able to display attendee company’s logos and details, to ‘invisible’ audio speakers able to create sonic stages to support the customer experience.

Customer Experience Centres (CEC’s) are fast becoming a vital part of any client facing organisation. Rather than just allowing product demonstrations to take place (a one way communication with the client) they are able to facilitate collaboration (a dynamic, two way communication) between host and client.

Ensure you maintain your cutting edge by speaking to one of our Consultants about how a Customer Experience Centre can help your business, engage clients and promote innovation.

Altro Ltd


CEC (Customer Experience Centre) Audio Visual consultancy, design and installation for Global manufacturing company.

“DWM’s expertise and professionalism has helped us reach the next stage of our hardware evolution and will ensure we remain cutting-edge in our hardware policies.”



Design consultancy, mechanical and electrical installation for award winning spa at Wyboston Lakes, the UK’s largest privately owned single site specialist conference, management training, hotel and leisure destination.

Wyboston Lakes Y Spa
Swissport - Aspire Lounge


IPCCTV hardware support and maintenance for VIP Airport lounge.


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