CEC (Customer Experience Centre) Audio Visual consultancy, design and installation for Global manufacturing company.

“DWM’s expertise and professionalism has helped us reach the next

stage of our hardware evolution and will ensure we remain

cutting-edge in our hardware policies”




Altro wanted to create an immersive and innovative Customer Experience Centre in their Clerkenwell based London Design Centre. They needed this space to draw customers in to not only the products which they manufacture, but the company as a whole and the innovation and research and development invested in.

As part of their refurbishment, Altro required a variety of innovative Audio-Visual solutions. They required sound systems, Interactive Displays as well as collaboration devices to ensure the finished product was an all-round solution.  A request was also made for a digital signage element which would engage and enthral when the shop was not in use or manned.


The all-round solution Altro had installed was to convert the show room to a state-of-the-art customer experience centre. Digital displays were installed throughout the showroom and in the entrance tunnel ensuring visitors had visibility of bespoke signage presentations. A Bose Free-space speaker solution was installed throughout the space, to provide clear high-fidelity audio whilst also being a minimalist design able to be embedded into walls and ceilings.

Avocor Interactive Touchscreens and Kramer Via collaboration hardware was used in the office spaces to allow for truly wireless and collaborative meetings to be held, which echoes the standard meeting room / boardroom deployment Altro have agreed to be used for all of their worldwide locations.

To fulfil the requirement for an out of hours signage solution, DWM designed a rear-projection solution which cast onto the front windows. Displaying a custom made show-reel incorporating footage from the manufacturing facility, this provides a sense of movement and intrigue after hours, with many passers by stopping to look and appreciate the unique solution. Using Brightsign as the signage platform ensured remote management and control of all signage displays, independently.