Unified Communications

Unified Communications, or UC, is not so much a product but a concept. It aims to combine and consolidate all forms of communication via a network and present a set of products which provides the end user a consistent and uniform user experience across multiple devices, platforms and operating systems. At its core, it is the streamlining and integration of technologies to promote enhanced (internal and external) workplace communication utilizing various types of both software and hardware to achieve consistency and efficiency.

UC takes the form of both hardware (e.g. audio and video conferencing equipment) and software (e.g. Slack, Skype for Business). It is important to consider how platforms integrate before adopting them: consulting a UC specialist will ensure you maximise usage potential from any given solution integration.

Mobile communication is becoming more and more ubiquitous and can also be included in UC – being able to make and receive calls from a masked landline number, transferring that call from a mobile to a Video Conferencing solution and then sharing annotations on a document with that user are all possible with the right solutions and can be thought of as an example of UC.

Ultimately, any business, whether large or small, local or multi-national will have some elements of UC – they may just be missing the consolidation of these solutions. Once these solutions are integrated properly and effectively, they will be better placed to precisely dictate how communication is managed and performed both internally and externally.

As UC Solutions converge within IT, Audio Visual and Networking specialisms, we are best placed to discuss and provide forward thinking, all-encompassing solutions to promote uniformity and efficiency – speak to one of our UC Specialists today

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