Server Rooms & Data Centres

Server Rooms and Data Centres consolidate multiple forms of technology to protect, support and enhance operation of what can arguably be described as the core of your business, or the lifeline for clients whose data resides in your data centre.

Whether you are upgrading an existing server room, creating a data centre from the ground up or looking to refresh something existing, it is imperative to strategise and calculate exactly what is needed to create an optimum environment; for both the day to day running of equipment within and the support, resiliency and redundancy required in the event of an outage of any one of the necessary supporting technologies.

DWM are unique in that our multi-skilled Consultants have expertise and experience in the solution verticals needed when planning to upgrade, refresh, replace or build anew a Server room or Data Centre. UPS and electrical solutions provide the requisite power load and bespoke calculated power reserve for housed equipment in the event of a power outage, particularly important when utilizing VOIP solutions. Cooling systems need to be provided on the basis of expected heat generation, and ideally a redundant solution installed in the event of main equipment failure. Fire suppression and detection solutions are fast becoming common install options for critical data / business applications and as such need to be included in any design. Environmental and physical monitoring are also of paramount importance: being able to remotely be alerted to water, temperature or humidity variances outside of the pre-ordained tolerances means a quicker response to any issues and the potential ability to save the location from any further possible damage.

Rack architecture and the physical environment also need to be considered, as does the digital and physical security surrounding your core location. Physical access control, twinned with an intelligent IPCCTV monitoring platform can regulate and ascertain who accesses the room itself, whilst biometric or coded card readers can protect the physical racks themselves and prevent inadvertent or accidental tampering.

Be sure to speak to one of our Consultants today who will be able to discuss best processes and equipment to populate your data and server room.

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