Door Access Control

With security an ever-increasing issue within the commercial sector, products that facilitate the effective control of access to a premises are proving an integral part of a building’s make up.

These door access control systems successfully twinned with visual and audio monitoring are proving to be an invaluable resource against theft.

Door access control systems are available on so many different financial and specification levels it is important that a customer’s requirement drives the design. We install latest technology IP door access control systems, however our solutions can integrate into an existing system setup as part of a forward thinking investment roadmap.

Our security specialists have a wealth of knowledge in both IP door access control solutions as well as standalone systems and are available to ensure that each customer receives a door access control solution suitable for purpose.

Our door access control systems are designed to be both robust and to provide access to excellent statistical data via a friendly software platform.

In addition, our door access control solutions are designed to integrate with Active Directory, HR databases and any other IT and logical security systems.

Our door access control solutions are completely scalable therefore offer an outstanding long term security investment.


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“We now have a future proof infrastructure platform which is able to provide accessibility for any new technologies.”

Lady Margaret School


“DWM’s bespoke solution ensured we installed cutting edge kit with a highly design-led aesthetic.”


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