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Public spaces in the Transport and Logistics market can be waiting spaces, terminals, concourses and anything in between. These areas need to provide the facilities visitors are fast expecting to be available; information, interaction and data.

Travel information screens can showcase a large amount of data, but it is imperative that data is clear, concise and easily accessible. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology make it even easier for users to receive maps or information directly to their personal devices, personalising their experience.

Wayfinders and signage can provide unprecedented levels of interaction, with the ability to show personalised routes, tickets and directions. With interactive touch screens fast becoming the norm, the integration of touch responsive surfaces provides an air of familiarity for all users whilst showcasing innovation and ease of use to visitors.

Whilst ensuring visitors are comfortable, provided for and have access to required facilities, there is also the need for management of any space to have overall visibility of all visitors, be able to address those in that space and be able to react to any issues or instance immediately and expeditiously. Intelligent security systems can automatically locate, isolate and present unusual behaviour to any Security or Site Manager, negating the need for security personnel to manually review and focus on footage.

Public address systems are also highly popular in public spaces. Whilst the concept remains the same, the method of delivery has vastly improved; the utilisation of audio-over-network, centrally managed and digitally stored audio files and automatic triggering of playing of audio via proximity or action means the experience for users is better than ever, and site personnel are ensuring information dissemination is as effective as possible.

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