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Commercial areas – warehouses, loading bays and storage areas, are often overlooked when it comes to the integration of technology. However, the correct specifying and implementation of hardware can improve efficiency, H&S compliance, security and make for a safer working environment for all staff.

Whilst still thought of as a security and surveillance solution, IPCCTV has been used with positive effect for the purpose of workplace safety and best practice. Intelligent systems can automatically ascertain unusual movement or some unsafe work-practices, ensuring staff are informed and normal safe practices can be reinforced.

Areas which need to be protected from intrusion can also be covered and protected with an IPCCTV solution. Areas can be virtually cordoned off, and if movement is detected within, at a certain time, an alarm can be raised often stopping any damage or potential vandalism before it has begun.

Often twinned with IPCCTV, DAC (Door Access Control) solutions can provide valuable security measures for the opening / closing of key footfall or goods loading areas. Being able to bring up both video footage and DAC records of entry into restricted areas has proven to be an invaluable asset for Logistic and Warehouse Managers.

Provision of wireless internet has seen a huge increase in commercial area installations. As more and more delivery and goods processing facilities utilise cloud platforms for inventory / stock control / and vehicle / transport logging, the requirement for a robust wireless infrastructure is almost something of a necessity.

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