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The transferal of and access to data is key to fluid, lean and effective Transport and Logistics operations. With nearly all ‘core’ business services adopting an IP platform the location of the core and convergence of those systems needs to be protected, maintained and provisioned to ensure the continuity of those services.  Server Rooms and Data Centres have fast become an integral part of any business’ operations – whether a local onsite Server Room provides the provision or an off-site co-tenanted Data Centre is used, the environment, security and redundancy / resiliency of that space needs to be specified to provide a forward thinking provision.

Far from being a space to just dump a server, the makeup and environment of a Server Room needs to be designed to provide the optimum operating location. This needs to include HVAC solutions to guarantee safe and optimal temperatures whilst also limiting as much as possible dust particles and external contaminants.

Access to the room itself needs to be addressed to curtail any and all unauthorised access and manage and maintain access to those who do have authorisation. This can include both visual (IPCCTV) and physical (DAC) elements, which would ideally reside on a single manageable and scalable platform.

The provision of backup and redundant power supplies also needs to be considered – in the event of a power cut critical services, for instance VOIP telephony, can be prioritised and kept up to ensure the flow of information is not affected, and non-critical systems can be gracefully shutdown to minimise any data loss and preserve the equipment. A properly specified UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) will be able to provide the required amount of battery backup power, whilst also cleansing all power going to your vital equipment, making it a non-questionable item to budget for, for any Server Room design or refresh.

Whilst Server Rooms are often overlooked in the Transport and Logistics industry, you need to ensure yours is designed, specified and installed to the correct and exacting requirements proposed – call one of our Consultants now to discuss how DWM can assist in your Server Room / Data Centre design or refresh.

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