Enhancing your space

A truly innovative classroom will utilise technological enhancements and aids to engage, enthuse, teach and shape the minds of tomorrow whilst retaining the flexible and productivity enhancing class-space dynamics establishments strive so hard to capture.

Technology is essential to modern day teaching. It promotes engagement and delivers learning experiences which leave a lasting impression whilst also attracting and retaining great students and instructors. As educational establishments impact and shape the future workforce, educators need to provide an experience to truly prepare students for the world and deliver experience and usage of technology which is both commonplace and future envisioned.

A modern-day classroom should utilise large format presentation solutions, individual device rollouts and collaborative software at the bare minimum to allow for expressive and evolutionary learning displays. Furniture should be chosen to enhance and support work, form creative endeavours such as modelling and animation to more formal content creation and seminar discussions. Bringing technology together with furniture, lighting and actual usage is absolutely key to ensure integration of solutions which will combine to enhance the learning space.

Technology can help establishments cater to the myriad learning styles of students, allowing truly bespoke pedagogies via technology availability. Interactive screens coupled with wireless OS-agnostic sharing solutions cater for both the visual, kinaesthetic and social learners, with solitary learners able to complete work on their own device.

At DWM we take a holistic consultancy approach to any Classroom and Seminar Room rollout by discerning the usage of the space and intended technology roadmap. We ensure any equipment supplied is fit for purpose, strategically sound and supported through fully inclusive continual training. This approach ensures both the students and educators are able to best utilise technology to drive forward teaching and learning.

Altro Ltd


Global multi-site Audio-Visual refresh for collaboration and interactivity across meeting and training spaces.

“DWM’s expertise and professionalism have helped us reach the next stage of our AV evolution.”



Design consultancy and installation of core networking equipment for US Army contractor and innovative hybrid vehicle manufacturer / designer.


Installation and Integration of 140 energy and carbon-emission monitoring meters Central London based bank.


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