Enhancing your space

Accommodations and rooms in the Hospitality sector need to be consistently designed, installed and achieve the level of functionality intended. Communication with clients is vital, and this can be through a variety of mediums. Technical enhancements can make all the difference to a guest’s stay, and how positively they remember their experience.

The adoption of emerging and existing technologies within the Hospitality and Leisure industry allows a competitive edge and showcases innovation. Allowing guests total control over their stay through the innovative use of technology can drastically enhance a guest’s stay, whether this is through interactive technology, integrated security or automation of control systems.

Ensuring any business facilities within rooms provide stable and dependable internet access is essential, ensuring guests are kept connected to the office. Whether this is via easily accessible data points or an enterprise-grade wireless solution, constant connection is fast becoming a pre-requisite. Bluetooth beacons embedded within WAP’s can provide data analysis on client proximity, dwell time, usage etc, providing further data and ROI on any solution installed.

Accommodation choices are not purely driven by financial factors; social influences play a large part in decision making and many people are now seeking out eco-friendly accommodation. Energy efficient lighting management techniques and systems can ensure green credentials are highly visible. PIR and environmental sensors can detect guest occupancy and can create lighting and environmental settings to match level of occupancy.

Acoustic considerations are also becoming more and more common place when designing accommodations. Poor acoustic design and inefficient noise management can make the difference between a positive or negative accommodation experience. In-room acoustic design enhances any technical installations within and subsequently the guest experience.

TV and VOD IP distribution is fast becoming the standard method of disseminating bespoke content to visitors. Ensuring your infrastructure is capable, that any front end UI is easy to use, and that any room controls are uniform is paramount – as is ensuring the display on which the media is watched is suitable for the environment whether that be IP rated if in a bathroom, or aesthetically merged to the rooms stylistic tones.

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