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Whether a Hotel looking for a secure space to house vital BMS, Audio Visual distribution technology and Security servers or a large Stadium needing to house critical data-centric servers, your Server Room needs to be secure and well maintained.

A Server Room is more than just a cupboard or small space in which server equipment resides. It will contain some of the most business-critical elements of your Hospitality and Leisure site, and therefore needs to be persevered to ensure all equipment within runs at the optimum performance level and for the longest recommended lifespan.

HVAC controls are one of the most important considerations, as high operating temperatures can damage the equipment in the long run causing breakdowns and failures, reduce the lifespan of hardware and also increase the likelihood of shutdowns or unexpected behaviours. Whilst your guests and patrons may have air conditioning in every room of your hotel, the same thought needs to be given to the business-critical equipment within your Server Room.

Access control and security surveillance is also a high-priority and core element of many Hospitality and Leisure locations. From being able to track the number of visitors to ensuring protection and safety of all patrons, central hardware is often housed in Server Rooms making the design and layout of that room much more important. In line with this, the Server Room itself needs to be secure and monitored, to prevent unauthorised access and ensure your central equipment is proactively protected.

Power provision to the core elements within your Server Room are also of the utmost importance – a power cut could be catastrophic to your business and patrons within your building, so ensuring there is a backup power supply and / or external redundant provision is vital. UPS’s (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) provide power in the event of a power cut as well as being able to gracefully shut down services to prevent loss of data use and ensure proper shutdown procedures.

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