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Site and Building Controls seek to control Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC), lighting, Security and Fire systems on a unified and simple to use single platform.

Security is one of the biggest concerns for users of public hospitality and leisure spaces and the control of a buildings security systems, inclusive of IPCCTV and DAC needs to facilitate quick responses and pro-active monitoring and assessment.

With security systems gaining the advantage of AI (Artificial Intelligence), potential incidents can often be averted become they occur. Suspicious actions and unusual motion can be detected automatically to alert security personnel. Lost persons can be searched for by describing their clothing and appearance – a feature incredibly useful for sports stadiums and large public gatherings.

Vehicle registration recognition can be twinned with BMS platforms to perform actions based on a user arriving or leaving and can give valuable data for which metrics can be used.

Centrally managed platforms allow the most flexibility for change management, maintenance and oversight of a security system. For businesses who have multiple physical locations, the central management of any system becomes that much more valuable and ensures smooth running and proactive monitoring so an issue can be addressed before it impacts the business.

Being able to centrally manage systems such as DAC (Door Access Control) gives the greatest flexibility in term of management and response, ensuring your staff, clients and visitors are safe and secure.

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