Enhancing your space

Technology has been embraced by society in public spaces, utilising social connectivity and interactivity to enhance experiences.

Public spaces, both their usage, design and intention is being redirected through the incorporation of technology, adding a digital layer that is at once familiar and innovative to all ages.

Advancements in technology have increased interactivity and individuality. New display technologies have allowed for curved screens and more niche form factors, meaning previously tricky or awkward locations can be fitted out. Large scale LED video walls are able to be built in various forms, providing structural relevance as well as high-capacity viewing displays.

Mobile integrations have allowed deeper customer gathering ability, analysing customer / visitor metadata to build deeper, more meaningful customer interactions and improve strategic decision making. Custom apps allow an unprecedented level of direct communication and tailored content delivery. Smart connectivity for Public Spaces has offered a major opportunity for new technology development, offering further sustainability of existing hardware and modularity of solutions to offer multiple potential uses.

Large format touchscreen technology enables familiar interaction on a large scale to offer a more personal experience. Used in digital Wayfinding units, these showcase the digitisation of customer service, providing on-demand information and an opportunity to advertise to visitors.

Security of people in public spaces has become a key issue – as public spaces become less thoroughfare and destination, protecting occupants and equipment has become a key pre-requisite. Cognitive computing and AI has changed Surveillance Security from a manned, labour intensive and reactive department to an automated, always-on and proactive solution.

The redesign of public spaces intention with a cutting edge supporting infrastructure has created new, habitable, alluring and viable public spaces.

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Global multi-site Audio-Visual refresh for collaboration and interactivity across meeting and training spaces.

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Design consultancy and installation of core networking equipment for US Army contractor and innovative hybrid vehicle manufacturer / designer.


Installation and Integration of 140 energy and carbon-emission monitoring meters Central London based bank.


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