Installation of custom-made signage and wayfinding units for £440m shopping centre remodel.

“DWM were great to work with from start to finish. The

engineers were thorough and did a fantastic job on site.

We would definitely recommend DWM

and hope to work with them again soon”


Espirit - Westgate Shopping Centre



Westgate were having a complete refurbishment of their shopping centre in Oxford. The driving factors for the signage element of the refurbishment needed to fit in with the playful and modern aesthetic the rest of the shopping centre was reformed under. The main factors: clearly visible, large enough to see from a distance and noticeable whilst also blending in with the surroundings, these factors were taken into consideration whilst designing the solution.

The signage needed to be consistently updated with arrival and departure times of all public transport servicing Westgate which would be an automatic not a manual process.


The solution installed at Westgate was installed by DWM in accordance with Esprit Digital. Esprit were responsible for the digital formatting, ensuring that it was automatically updated with bus times, as well as designing and allocating space for the advertisements. The finished design of the digital aspect is clear, concise and easy to use for customers of Westgate Shopping Centre.

DWM were enlisted for the installation of the signage due to the variety of installation methods and procedures needed. This included in-wall installation into brick substrate and totem, free standing units installed into concrete.

Due to DWM’s varied skill set and experience, Westgate were able to use one Integrator for both the physical installation and integration elements.