Design and install of innovative automated IPCCTV damage capture solution for Priority & VIP Parking.

The whole DWM team were very courteous and got on with the works at hand.

I was amazed at their dedication, and how they managed to complete the works in time.

A great example of team work, credit to DWM!”

London Luton Airport


As part of a multi-million pound re-development of LLA, a Priority Parking section was introduced to the newly developed multi-storey car park. This meet and greet area allows users to drop their vehicle off as close to the terminal as possible, whilst the car is parked by valets and vehicle condition checked and signed off.

There was no pictorial or video evidence of the cars condition before parking so LLA were looking for a solution to enable the capture of a vehicles condition. The solution needed to be easy to use, automatic if possible, and provide enough clarity and resolution whilst discerning any pre-existing issues with a vehicles bodywork. The solution also needed to ensure registration and entry into the Priority Parking section was not delayed, as at peak times entry is constant; those paying a premium for the service and proximity to terminals often had extremely tight schedules which could not be delayed.

Previous solutions tried and tested by LLA failed as they did not provide the precision/ clarity required and were not fully automated causing delays at registration whilst being vulnerable to user error.


DWM worked closely with Avigilon, the foremost IPCCTV manufacturer, to design an innovative automatic capture solution. DWM were especially conscious of the need to capture a full 360 degree review of any vehicle entering the Priority Parking section in high-resolution, to ensure all claims against damage were fully supported by irrefutable pictorial analysis.

DWM integrated a dedicated LPR (Licence Plate Recognition) camera to capture all vehicles number plates on entry which automatically prompted all x11 high resolution cameras to record a set amount of live video footage whilst the car is stationary. This footage was then associated with the number plate ensuring a full recollection of data in the event of a claim.

The capture solution was integrated with the barrier system to only allow cars through once a full capture had been completed. This whole process was automated, ensuring there was minimal delay to entry and registration. The quality of footage and robust underlying IP infrastructure on which the solution was upon meant resilience, and accountability for all claims.

DWM were able to provide a full handover and commissioning process for the solution to ensure staff usage, when needed, was expert in its execution. The user interface made it easy for staff to locate and retrieve any data associated with a number plate in the event of a claim, ensuring protection against fraudulent claims and also providing clarity of any damage done. The solution expertly showcased the level of integration which is possible with IP solutions and hardware. The automated process provides a resilient workflow which excludes interaction with the staff onsite, ensuring they are able to more attentively attend to clients who wish to use the priority parking section.