UPS and Generators

The network platform is now at the heart of any buildings critical day to day services and its importance in the support and delivery of building systems is only going to grow as we strive forward for our services to be supported, managed and documented in a more visable, accessible and centralised manner. Therefore the protection, resiliency and up time of these critical systems is more important than ever.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies ‘UPS’ are now a pre-requisite for all our network designs and with our experienced in house electrical and network divisions we are well placed to design, install and configure UPS solutions to meet the demands of any sized network system.

A well-designed UPS solution should offer high performance protection for your business and office network hardware. Each design should accommodate for load demands to offer suitable extended battery backup power to ensure each customers critical services are kept operational in the event of power outages.

Your UPS solution should also protect valuable hardware and devices from damaging power surges and spikes that can be carried along utility, phone and network lines.

Where required DWM can also integrate Generator solutions to form an extension of the 1st line UPS design. These generators incorporating automatic changeover solutions can provide longer term temporary power delivery for critical services in the event of more prolonged power outages.

More premium solutions can be remotely managed via your local area network in order that battery power can be cycled and diverted to more vital services. This additional service can allow for the worst of power outage situations to be handled in a more structured manner, allowing companies to remain functional until power is restored.

Our experienced team at DWM are available to tailor your UPS and Generator solution to meet with your budget and run time demands. All run time calculations are performed both in house and in conjunction with technical support via our preferred product manufactures.

Contact a member of our team today on 01234 779040 to discuss your UPS and Generator requirements in further detail.


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