Free Space Optics

Free Space Optic (FSO) or laser as it is often referred to has continued to develop in performance and reliability through its generations to ensure it is still considered an excellent option as a building to building link solution.

Free Space Optics offers extremely high performance at a relatively low cost in relation to high performance RF wireless products therefore must be considered in the correct environment as a viable point to point link solution.

Free Space Optic technology has been around for many years and effectively provides high performance linking through the use of light, much like the concept of utilising a fibre optic cable, yet in free space.

Free space optics requires no spectrum licencing as required for many higher performing radio frequency solutions. Each solution will provide full duplex (bi-directional capability), requires no security software upgrades and is totally immune to radio frequency interference or saturation, therefore can represent an attractive long term investment.

New generation free space optic solutions should be considered where a necessity of higher bandwidth is required and excellent line of sight can be achieved.

Free space optic solutions range from 1 gigabit to 10 gigabit capable solutions therefore do have a unique position in the unlicensed free space point to point market.

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