Dual Projector design and installation service in listed building for one of the UK’s Top Independent School’s.

DWM installed 2 x new NEC Laser projectors and electronic screens

linked together by Kramer AV equipment. The Main Hall screen had to blend in

with the existing décor and have a throw length of over 30 metres.



‘School’, the large main hall used for Latin Prayers, exams and large concerts by the 750 students needed a refresh. The building originally built in the 1090’s as a monks dormitory needed to be sympathetically installed with cutting-edge Audio-Visual equipment. The challenges were myriad: a height-adjustable lighting rig meant a projector couldn’t be ceiling mounted and the rear wall was 30- meters away, the aesthetic of the room itself was of paramount importance, and there was a requirement for at least two different active layouts. An easy to manage control system was also needed which had to have the added scalability of lighting (DMX) control further down the line.


DWM installed 2 x NEC Laser projectors to provide the flexible viewing layout required. The rearmost projector required a substantial lens due to the 30-meter throw distance, exacerbated by the high ceilings bleeding light. The high-lumen NEC PX803UL was perfect for the task, and the 8000 ANSI Lumens meant the main image was bright and clear.

The need to remain sympathetic to the aesthetic was countered by providing Sapphire Smart Move projector screens, allowing the screen housing itself to be lowered before the actual screen – massively reducing the visual impact of a larger housing (needed for length screen drops). The Smartmove screens were housed at each projection location and were automated to lower and present correctly whenever the projector was turned on.

The control-solution allowed for current control of the screen, projector and inputs, whilst also allowing for future scalability. The Kramer Control solution allows for the highest level of customisation and flexibility, so in time further services / actions can be controlled and managed from one single interface.