Video wall and presentation solution for highly secure S.O.C (Secure Operations Centre) for leading Security and Cyber Training facility.

“DWM are an amazing company to work with,

pulled out all the stops to get everything up and running.

The visual displays which were installed and recommended are

phenomenal, they really help our SOC team complete daily tasks

and presentations to customers.




Satisnet were moving premises and needed to fit out and design a state-of-the-art SOC (Secure Operations Centre). This needed the inclusion of a 10 screen Video wall. This video wall needed to display multiple sources, over multiple screens and screen configurations and also needed to be controlled by SOC Operatives from their desks. The requirement for wireless, platform agnostic connection and presentation was also added as a pre-requisite after an extensive discussion and consultancy process.


DWM opted to provide 10 x LG 55LV35A Commercial grade screens. This ensured the screens were warrantied for use in a Commercial environment and provided the correct level of brightness and ultra-thin bezels which were required for this project. Video content was sent via a dedicated LAN to allow the most flexibility with regards to display configuration. A Kramer Via Campus was used as the core Wireless Presentation unit to enable any device to wirelessly project onto any of the 10 screens in any configuration.

The solution met all requirements and allowed for future expansion if needed, whilst improving the speed, efficiency and review time of SOC Operatives in analysing, assessing and acting on various forms of visual data.