Implementation of technology-enhanced learning solutions, interactive touchscreens and staff training.

““DWM have been fantastic to work with throughout this

deployment schedule. They really care about the outcome of the

technologies they suggest and provide as opposed to merely looking

at getting kit in at a price. This refreshing approach means we can not

only lean on DWM with any technical support issues, but can use their

in-house expertise to ensure we are using the technology in the correct

way to enhance the learning and teaching taking place in class.”


Putnoe Primary School


Putnoe Primary School wished to update and formalise an ICT strategy which ensured staff and pupils were getting best-of-breed technology as well as thorough and professional  CPD training to ensure that the technology was able to be used competently by staff. Standardising on the equipment installed, and ensuring the suggested hardware/ software was correct specifically for Putnoe’ s needs as opposed to being offered generic solutions was of paramount importance.

Putnoe had decided to start the ICT refresh with a phased deployment of interactive touchscreens, which needed to enable multiple inputs, allow for simultaneous interactivity and be robust enough to survive in a classroom environment. The addition of suitable software to increase functionality and productivity was also of the utmost importance.


After various trails, DWM put forward the Clevertouch Plus model of interactive touchscreens as the most suitable for Putnoe particulars requirements. DWM Technical Solutions are in the enviable position of being vender agnostic, which means we are able to specify and suggest entirely what is best for a client’s particular needs.

Software was provided for wireless connection of mobile OS devices, to ensure full annotation capabilities were reserved when mirroring (something a hardware solution would not be able to do).

An activity creation software was also put forward, which DWM’s Product and Curriculum Specialist utilises during CPD sessions to ensure correct and proper use of mobile devices in lesson in conjunction with screen-based learning. DWM were also able to provide handover training sessions as well as CPD INSET sessions conducted by their in house Product and Curriculum Specialist, who is both a Microsoft Certified Educator and Google Certified Educator, again allowing DWM to integrate and suggest learning platforms which are best for the schools specific requirement as opposed to merely what they offer.

The install of touch screens in all class bases has dramatically improved teaching and learning within class. Although the new technology has been fully appreciated by both staff and pupils, it has been the initial handover and training, and continued CPD Inset sessions which have really revitalised how technology is used to enhance and promote pedagogy instead of using it for technology’s sake.

The screens themselves have enabled teachers to create more engaging, dynamic and interactive presentations which is very much appreciated by the pupils. The absence of calibration issues, projector shadow and glare, brightness issues and general improved reliability mean staff are more confident in planning lessons and activities around the technology, and downtime is kept to a non-existent level which equates to more teaching and learning time.