Design and installation of IPCCTV solution in Race Control Room for international Grand Prix Race Track.

“Avigilon Control Centre Enterprise network video management

(NVMS) means incidents can be reviewed at a fraction of the

time it took using our older system. This has increased

confidence in our Control Room solution tenfold and means

the operators can concentrate on other aspects of Race Control,

knowing everything is being recorded and is that quick to access” 


Motor Sport Vision - Brands Hatch Race Circuit


The client needed to upgrade their ageing analogue CCTV solution, which fed through to individual monitors in their control room. The existing solution utilised a co-axial cable infrastructure platform, with no flexibility with regards to expansion and strategy. With 22 individual monitors linked to the existing 18 analogue cameras, usage was impaired and quality of footage was sub-par. Post-race incidents which needed to be examined were hampered by low-resolution pictures. New cameras needed to be installed but the client did not want to add an ageing, legacy and inflexible solution.

The client objective was to mitigate the issues faced, and provide a stable platform for a scalable solution. The solution needed to be robust, exist on a single IP platform, be user friendly, be able to provide high-quality images and not impair the existing network.


DWM installed an Avigilon IPCCTV platform for all existing and future cameras to exist on. Key cameras were replaced with Avigilon POE cameras with supporting network infrastructure to facilitate the migration. Existing analogue cameras were converted to digital via an encoder, allowing them to be used with the digital Avigilon platform; increasing their usability and image quality. This allowed for a phased deployment of Avigilon cameras, ensuring budgets were set and kept whilst immediately increasing performance of existing cameras and enhancing total usage via the Avigilon Control Centre Application. The solution included infrastructure upgrades to key locations to support a totally IP based camera solution – this was via both copper and fibre optic cabling.

The control room was also totally refreshed to take advantage of the improved user interface of the viewing software. This consisted of removal of all the single use display screens and associated brackets to make way for 3 x 60” LG Commercial HD displays. All existing cameras could be viewed on any of the screens and enlarged and replicated using the easy-to-use Avigilon ACC interface.

The new digital platform coupled with the enhanced and innovative control room allows race room staff to easily view live and recorded footage in HD quality, ensuring incidents are reacted to expeditiously and safely.