Design and install of highly secure Cat6a infrastructure cabling solution to support new Security Search Area at Top 5 UK Airport.

“It was really important to find the right

partner for the job, we feel that we have

 more than achieved our objectives with Excel and DWM”


London Luton Airport - Security Search Area


To provide a resilient highly secure cabling infrastructure as the platform to run a new security search within the airport. One element of the refurbishment was to take advantage of the latest technologies for the security screening of passengers as well as being able to provide up to date flight information to passengers via the screens. To enable these works the existing infrastructure and the design of the network to accommodate the new equipment needed to be upgraded, as well as future proofed for emerging technologies.


DWM recommended the Excel solution to LLA due to its proven track record and technical capability which is backed up by independent third party verification from Delta and the fact that it is backed by a 25 year warranty. As an authorised Excel Cabling Partner who have undergone regular technical training and, as a result, is able to offer the 25 year warranty on all of our installations.

Due to the nature of the products being installed within the enhanced security area at the aiport, an Excel screened Category 6A (Class E A) solution was chosen which provides 10 Gigabit Ethernet to ensure the network is future proofed and with it being screened cable, it ensures that there is no electromagnetic noise and mitigates the chance of alien cross talk within the cable bundles, as well as protecting the cable from potential interference from the various equipment being installed. Excel Environ ER Racks were chosen to house all of the equipment. Three black 42U 800 x800 racks were used, each with ventilated mesh front doors and ventilated rear wardrobe doors providing 70% ventilation within the rack. The racks have advanced vertical management which allows for the racks to operate extremely effectively as a solution when bayed together as they air inter rack connectivity.

The installation took part in the summer of 2015 as phase 1 of 14 campus wide infrastructure upgrades. DWM worked to a tight programme as directed by LLA and had to co-ordinate its engineers on site around the other contractors who were providing additional services at the time. The installation ran smoothly with minimal disruption to the everyday workings of the airport. London Luton Airport now has one of the most up to date and technically advanced security solutions available, which helps to ensure the safety of its passengers and staff every single day with the added knowledge that the Excel infrastructure platform is backed by the comprehensive 25 year warranty.

DWM have been working in close partnership with LLA for over 12 years and are lucky enough to have not only supplied and installed numerous technical solutions, but to have provided ongoing maintenance and support for specific solutions. The installed CAT6 cable for this specific project comes with a 25 year warranty, which DWM will uphold and enforce should the need arise. This lifetime warranty is only available for Accredited Excel Partners with current training certification in place, which ensures the complete solution has been installed to the right standards with rigorous and thorough testing.